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car hire Tenerife South Airport

Rent a car Tenerife South Airport

Your Tenerife adventure starts the moment your plane touches down at Tenerife South Airport. An island brimming with picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultures, Tenerife awaits exploration.

Looking for convenient and affordable transportation at Tenerife’s key travel hub? With our car rental Tenerife South Airport service, we have you covered. Choose from our wide variety of vehicles to suit every budget, including the cheapest car rental Tenerife South Airport offers, without compromising quality or comfort. Our user-friendly online booking platform ensures a seamless reservation process, allowing you to pick the perfect vehicle for your journey.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, family, or group, our car rental Tenerife South Airport service is tailored to meet your needs. Explore the stunning landscapes of Tenerife with the freedom of your rented car. Our efficient and friendly team at the car rental Tenerife South Airport counter is ready to assist you with quick pick-up and drop-off. If you’re looking to save without sacrificing reliability, choose our cheapest car rental Tenerife South Airport option, available for immediate booking. Don’t wait; experience the best car rental Tenerife South Airport has to offer and make your island adventure truly unforgettable!

Car hire in Tenerife South Airport – information

📌 Average car hire duration? 7 days
💰 Price of a car rental? 25€ per day
🚗 Popular car types Economy
⭐ Most popular model VW Golf

Location and Convenience

Strategically located in Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife South Airport is a gateway to this breathtaking Canary Island. The convenience of picking up your car rental straight from the airport makes the transition from flight to drive hassle-free and swift.

Airport Facilities

The airport is equipped with a range of facilities to cater to all your needs. From dining outlets, shopping centers to car hire services, everything is at your fingertips to ensure a comfortable start to your journey.

Choosing the Right Car Hire Service

Renting a car is not just about the destination but also the journey. It’s essential to select the right service to ensure a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Variety of Vehicles

From compact cars for city excursions, luxurious sedans for a stylish ride, to spacious SUVs for group adventures, a wide range of vehicles is available to suit your needs. Like the vibrant hues of a Tenerife sunset, every choice is unique.

Price Transparency and No Hidden Fees

Complete transparency is crucial. Nobody likes hidden surprises, and that’s why the price you see at the time of booking is the final price.

Quality and Maintenance

All cars are thoroughly cleaned and meticulously maintained before every rental, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and pleasant journey.

Making Your Booking

Getting your desired car should be as easy as a Tenerife breeze.

Easy Online Booking Process

With an intuitive online booking system, you can secure your car in a few clicks. Check availability, compare prices, and book – all at your convenience.

Customer Support

An ever-ready customer service team is available 24/7 to assist with your booking or answer any queries.

Benefits of Hiring a Car in Tenerife

Freedom and flexibility are key to a memorable vacation.

Flexibility and Freedom

Having a car at your disposal allows you to dictate your schedule. There’s no need to adhere to public transport timetables – you’re in control.

Exploring Beyond the Beaten Path

With your rental car, you can venture beyond the usual tourist spots and uncover Tenerife’s hidden gems.

Comfort and Luxury

A rental car gives you comfort, luxury, and convenience – all essential ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Preparing for Your Tenerife Adventure

Before setting off on your journey, there are few things to bear in mind.

Driving in Tenerife: Tips and Regulations

Familiarize yourself with local driving laws to ensure a smooth journey. Stay safe and enjoy your ride!

Car hire at Tenerife South Airport is your passport to an unforgettable island adventure. Enjoy the convenience, freedom, and luxury it offers. Start your journey with the right car and discover the magic of Tenerife.


  1. Where is the car hire service located at Tenerife South Airport?
  • The car rental services are conveniently located on-site at the airport.
  1. Can I book my car rental online?
  • Yes, our intuitive online booking system allows you to book your car in a few clicks.
  1. Are there any hidden charges in the rental fee?
  • No, we believe in price transparency. The price you see at the time of booking is the final price.
  1. What type of vehicles can I rent?
  • We offer a wide variety of vehicles, from compact cars, luxury sedans to spacious SUVs.
  1. Can I pick up and drop off the car at different locations?
  • It depends on the rental company’s policy. It’s best to check with the company at the time of booking.

Where else to rent a car in Tenerife?

Location Average cost
Tenerife North Airport 24€
Tenerife Cruise Port 28€
El Medano 28€
Los Gigantes 22€
Playa de las Americas 26€
Puerto de la Cruz 26€
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