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How long does it take to drive around Tenerife?

Ever wondered how long it would take to drive around the enchanting island of Tenerife? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Factors like your route, traffic, speed limits, and the charm of irresistible pitstops play a significant role.

Understanding Tenerife

Geographic Overview

Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is home to Mount Teide, one of the world’s largest volcanoes. Its unique terrain blends beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and diverse forests, creating a varied landscape that enchants every traveler.

Road Network in Tenerife

The island boasts a well-maintained network of roads that stretch across its vast expanse, allowing for a complete exploration. Its main highways, TF-1 and TF-5, traverse the island from north to south.

Time to Drive Around Tenerife

Drive Around Tenerife
Drive Around Tenerife

From North to South

Driving from the northernmost point, Punta de Hidalgo, to the southernmost point, Punta de Abona, via TF-1 or TF-5, takes approximately 2 hours without traffic.

From East to West

Crossing from east to west, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Buenavista, is approximately a 1-hour drive via the TF-5 highway.

Circuit Around the Island

A full circuit around the island, hugging the coast as much as possible, can take up to 3.5 to 4 hours if driven without any breaks. But where’s the fun in that?

Factors Affecting the Drive Time

Traffic and Congestion

Like any place, Tenerife has peak traffic hours, particularly around Santa Cruz, the capital. During these times, the drive could take a bit longer.

Speed Limits

Adhering to the speed limits, which can range from 50 km/h in urban areas to 120 km/h on motorways, is crucial and will impact your overall drive time.

Road Conditions

Though generally good, road conditions can vary, especially in more remote areas or during adverse weather. This too can add to your drive time.

Best Time to Drive Around Tenerife

Seasonal Differences

While Tenerife enjoys great weather year-round, the seasons may influence your driving experience. Winter months see a surge in tourism, which could mean more traffic on the roads.

Time of Day

Early morning or late evening drives often mean less traffic and more breathtaking views with the rising or setting sun painting the sky.

Tips for Driving Around Tenerife

Renting a Vehicle

Consider renting a vehicle that’s comfortable for long drives. An SUV or a car with a robust engine can help navigate the hilly regions with ease.

Pitstops and Sightseeing

Allow time for pitstops. Tenerife is brimming with sights that you shouldn’t rush – the majestic cliffs of Los Gigantes, the serene beaches of El Médano, the lunar landscapes of Teide National Park, and more!

In conclusion, while you can technically drive around Tenerife in 3.5 to 4 hours, it’s the journey, not the destination, that truly counts on this island. Factor in traffic, road conditions, and most importantly, time for sightseeing to fully enjoy what this remarkable island has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to drive around Tenerife?

Early mornings or late evenings are often the best times to drive around Tenerife to avoid traffic and enjoy stunning views.

Is it safe to drive in Tenerife?

Yes, it’s generally safe to drive in Tenerife, but ensure you adhere to speed limits and respect local traffic rules.

Can I rent a vehicle in Tenerife?

Absolutely! Numerous car rental services offer a variety of vehicles to choose from.

Are there any must-see pitstops when driving around Tenerife?

Definitely! Don’t miss out on Los Gigantes, El Médano, and Teide National Park, among others.

Can I drive around Tenerife in one day?

Yes, it’s possible to drive around the entire island in a single day. However, to truly experience its beauty, it’s recommended to take a few days for the journey.

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