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How is the weather in Tenerife in December?

Are you thinking about escaping the winter chill and heading for sunnier climes? Look no further than Tenerife!

Understanding Tenerife’s Climate

Tenerife, fondly referred to as ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’, enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with mild temperatures throughout the year.

Tenerife in Winter: An Overview

Tenerife’s winter months, including December, are pleasantly warm, far removed from the biting cold of a typical European winter.

What to Expect in December

weather in Tenerife in December?
Weather in Tenerife in December

In December, Tenerife experiences a mild winter climate.

  • Temperature Range in December: The average high temperature is around 21°C (70°F), while the average low is approximately 15°C (59°F).
  • Rainfall in December: December is part of the rainy season in Tenerife, but don’t let that deter you. Rainfall is typically low and sporadic, with an average of six rainy days in the month.
  • Sunshine and Daylight Hours in December: Despite being a winter month, December still sees an average of six hours of daily sunshine.
  • Sea Temperature in December: The sea remains warm enough for swimming, with an average temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Weather Variation Across the Island in December

Tenerife’s weather varies from north to south due to its mountainous landscape.

  • Northern Tenerife: The northern part of the island tends to be cooler and more humid, with higher chances of rainfall.
  • Southern Tenerife: The south of Tenerife, where most of the tourist resorts are located, enjoys warmer and drier conditions.

Activities to Enjoy in December’s Weather

With its pleasant climate, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Tenerife in December.

  • Beaches: The beaches are less crowded and perfect for sunbathing or taking a dip in the sea.
  • Hiking and Nature Exploration: Tenerife’s mountains and natural parks are ideal for hiking and exploration.
  • Winter Festivals and Events: December is the time for Christmas markets and festive events around the island.

Packing for Tenerife in December

While packing for Tenerife in December, include a mix of summer and light winter clothes, along with a rain jacket and beachwear.

Advantages of Visiting Tenerife in December

December is an excellent time to visit Tenerife, with fewer tourists, cheaper accommodation, and pleasant weather. Accommodations in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is Luxury Hotels, Mid-Range Hotels, Budget Accommodations.

Possible Weather-Related Challenges in December

While the weather is mostly mild and enjoyable, occasional rainfall or cooler temperatures may require some planning.

In conclusion, Tenerife offers an attractive winter escape with its pleasant December weather. There’s no better time to explore the island, soak up some sun, and enjoy the local festivities.


  1. Is it warm enough to swim in Tenerife in December? Yes, the sea temperature remains warm enough for swimming in December.
  2. Is Tenerife crowded in December? Tenerife is less crowded in December compared to the summer months, making it an ideal time to visit.
  3. Do I need to pack a jacket for Tenerife in December? Yes, a light jacket or sweater is recommended for cooler evenings or rainy days.
  4. Are attractions in Tenerife open in December? Yes, most attractions and activities remain open in Tenerife in December.
  5. Is December a good time to visit Tenerife? Yes, with pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and festive events, December is a great time to visit Tenerife.
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