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Hotel Alua Tenerife Review

Hotel Alua Tenerife, located in the picturesque town of Puerto de la Cruz, offers an oasis for travelers exploring the wonders of the Canary Islands. With an outstanding balance of luxury and affordability, it has become a favorite among visitors. In this review, we’ll explore the amenities, service quality, and compare in-season and out-of-season prices.

Amenities and Services

Hotel Alua Tenerife

Hotel Alua boasts an array of facilities that cater to all types of travelers. The outdoor pool area provides a delightful escape, while the on-site restaurant serves both local and international dishes to satisfy diverse taste buds. For those renting a car to explore the island, the hotel offers convenient parking facilities.

The staff at Hotel Alua are known for their warm hospitality, assisting guests with travel planning, car rentals, and more. The proximity to popular attractions makes this hotel a strategic choice for explorers.

Comparison of In-Season and Out-Of-Season Prices

Room TypeIn-Season Price (per night)Out-Of-Season Price (per night)
Standard Room€120€80
Sea View Room€150€110

Note: The above prices are approximate and may vary based on the time of booking and availability.

Hotel Alua Tenerife not only offers a comfortable stay but also makes travel and car rental arrangements seamless. The difference in pricing between the in-season and out-of-season offers flexibility for budget-conscious travelers. The blend of luxury, convenience, and excellent service makes it a standout choice for those looking to experience Tenerife at its best.

Whether visiting during the bustling tourist season or the quieter off-season, Hotel Alua Tenerife provides an enriching experience worth every penny.

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